Gaidge Analytics | Company Overview Animated Explainer

Slick Graphics and Creative Imagery Elevate This Animated Explainer From “Meh” to En-Gaidge-ing

If you know anything about ECG, you know that we kinda own the animated explainer. It’s a genre of video we’ve done to great effect countless times now, and while it may not seem sexy on the surface, there’s a special satisfaction that comes from taking something normally considered “dry” and making it palatable, or even refreshingly interesting.

We know that the key to a good explainer is achieving maximum information retention for the viewer. All the well-researched facts and vital services in the world won’t amount to much if you can’t tell a layman about it in a way that doesn’t make their eyes glaze over.

Gaidge Analytics brought us the task of explaining their software services to orthodontics practices. Writer Cameron Shaw knew that, explained correctly, it would be clear their software offers utility across every major role in a practice and greatly enhances efficiency. The client felt the best way to show that was to see it in action; to that end, we set up a guided screen capture session. 

The folks at Gaidge came through our office and sat with veteran editor Kelsey Cherney to record footage of the Gaidge Analytics tools. Once that was done, Kelsey edited the footage down and sent it over to David Hixon for animation. Using the footage, as well as the voiceover recorded by our own Haley Fusia as a guide, David added supplementary visuals and clean graphical text to drive home the video’s most salient points.

We set out to provide a clear, concise, and convincing overview that demonstrates the value of Gaidge’s product to the people who need it, and that’s exactly what we did. 




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