Greenway | Pick-a-Path Interactive Video

At ECG we’re always excited to work with new technology and techniques. When we got the opportunity to create a “pick-a-path” style interactive video for Greenway Health we jumped at the opportunity. Creating an interactive video allowed us to build an immersive world that viewers can explore, with plenty of rewatchability because of the multiple different paths that can be taken based on the viewer’s choices. While producing a type of content you’ve never done before that is fairly cutting-edge comes with its fair share of challenges, it was also extremely gratifying (and fun) to nurture the content from concept all the way to successful deployment.

In a typical video, the audience acts as a passive viewer. The experience is static. Although a viewer may notice more detail upon repeat viewings, the content itself does not change. Not so in a pick-a-path style video. Because the viewer can interact at the various decision points within the narrative we were able to create an entire world for them to explore, complete with consequences based on the choices they make.

Nurse with choice bubbles

In order to effectively simulate a typical day in the life of a doctor, analyst and care manager we needed to create three unique and distinct paths that the user can follow from the initial decision point. Beyond that, we needed to figure out how to keep the various characters in motion while waiting for the viewer to make their choice at each of those point, as well as keep giving the background extras things to do during the scenes. It may seem simple, but coming up with things for actors to do in order to look busy can be quite challenging. We didn’t want someone to look like they were standing around, because that immediately takes the viewer out of the immersive experience. At the same time, we also didn’t want the background action to detract from the main focus of the action.

Doctor holding iPad

We think you’ll agree that Trey Gregory’s formidable Steady-Cam skills are quite evident in the final product, as well as David Wappel’s editing chops and Jason Marraccini’s interactive programing chops. Truly a team effort!

Client: Greenway Health | Profile: Corporate / E-Learning




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