Hachette Book Group | Once & Future – Mini-Doc: LGBTQ

A peek behind the book with authors Cori McCarthy & Amy Rose Capetta

A good mini-documentary is more than just regurgitating information. It’s about telling a story, and uncovering truths you might otherwise have overlooked. As part of a promotional series for the hit YA novel, Once & Future, we dissected the book with all the people behind it.

While the series covers tons of insightful topics, it was the authors’ connection to the book’s theme of inclusivity that still sticks with us. Let’s be clear: as much as Once & Future relies on the “once,” it’s much more concerned with the “future.” Both Cori McCarthy and Amy Rose Capetta speak brilliantly on how vital LGBTQ perspectives meant to this novel. From the main characters down to the bit players, it’s the variety of viewpoints that make this book shine.

Moreover, both Cori & Amy were kind of enough to share some of their treasured inspiration pieces with us to use for b-roll. It’s amazing what Sebastian Chamaca and Alessandro Graci can do with a handful of toys and a spare afternoon!

Client: Hachette Book Group | Profile: Branded Content




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