Hachette Book Group | Once & Future – Book Trailer

Taking the Arthurian legend to new heights… and new genders!

First of all, what’s not to like about a gender-bent, LGBTQ-friendly retelling of one of history’s most famous tales? Second, when the story is backed by our good friend James Patterson, you know it’s gonna be a hit. In the first video of our campaign for Once & Future, we crafted a cinematic book trailer befitting the epic scope of the novel.

From ancient times all the way through the far-flung future, the trailer showcases Excalibur’s prevalence throughout history. Arguably more impressive than Excalibur itself, however, was the number of times Cameron Shaw played half-naked stand-in for the shoot. In the cold and occasionally misty shoot day, mind you.

What’s more, Director of Photography Trey Gregory put our Ursa Mini Pro to work to get all the angles we needed. It may not seem like much, but getting those hand shots precisely correct is a lot of work. In the end, though, this book trailer truly became the stuff of fantasy.

Client: Hachette Book Group | Profile: Branded Content

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