Hook & Cook | Pilot Episode

A pilot episode to take you out on the water and into the kitchen! We travelled to Miami, experiencing epic fishing and delicious food, to shoot the first episode of Hook & Cook!

A passion project for our friends Dave and Pam, Hook & Cook is a unique concept for a broadcast television cooking show. Equal parts fisherman’s expedition and chef’s extravaganza, Hook & Cook is a celebration of culture and food. The tv pilot episode took our crew to Miami, a city some of them knew, and some of them came to love over the next couple of days. 

Working with a split crew, the duo of Collin Ingram and Alessandro Graci (or just “Alesso”) shot b-roll around Miami. Meanwhile, our Director/Producer Jordan Nowlin and DP Seb Chamaca set sail with Dave in search of the sea’s bounty. Relying on fish to bite is panic-inducing for any producer, but Dave’s skillful angling came through. The fight was incredible, and Seb later remembered it as his favorite moments of the whole shoot. Later, the crew followed Pam as she explored some of the city’s most iconic locations. She ranged from the Winwood Walls to Little Havana, taking in the sights and sounds of Miami along the way.

We overcame tough obstacles every step of the way. Working on a lean budget and travelling a long distance, the squad had to be extremely efficient with their time, their cameras, and their lighting. Not only that, but catching clean audio on a charter boat isn’t exactly an easy task!
Well fed on Pam’s cooking and worn out from Miami’s many delights, the team returned triumphant, and Seb landed the edit. Aided by some cool 3D fish graphics from animator David Hixon and diligent audio engineering from Joe DiCosola, we can declare this pilot a keeper.




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