James Patterson | Dog Diaries: Ruffing It – Animated Book Promo

A PAW-SITIVELY engaging animated promo for James Patterson’s Dog Diaries: Ruffing It

When it comes to animated projects, who could turn down one about an adorable dog and his misadventures? Especially when it is written by the world’s best selling author James Patterson. This fun project was in the capable hands of our animator, Anneli Brown, whose whimsical use of the book’s vibrant artwork quickly grabs the viewer’s attention and doesn’t let go.

According to Anneli, the best part about working on the Dog Diaries series promos as a whole was pulling illustrations from the book, adding color, and movement! Sometimes, however, new illustrations are needed, bringing a whole new challenge to the table. For Anneli, this meant improvising and creating new illustrations to match the style and tone of the book to make the scene fit! 

The books leading man — er, dog — Junior, was voiced by our very own Wilson Drake. He explained that in his normal voice work he usually has to tone down the wackiness, so having free rein to lean into a plucky attitude was refreshing. Voicing a high-energy dog like Junior gave him the chance to let it all out, and give more energy, making it one of his fondest voice acting experiences!

Overall, this promo succeeds in showing the fun main character, showing some wacky high-jinx, and even the dangers along the way! This promo is quite ‘fetching,’ fur real!




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