James Patterson | The Defense Lawyer

Unbelievable thrills and mysteries in the courtroom await in this trailer for James Patterson’s The Defense Lawyer.

Telling the story of the famed attorney Barry Slotnick, James Patterson delves into his most prolific cases from John Gotti to the Subway Shooter. The trailer showcases a series of interviews with readers who enthusiastically joined Slotnick’s trials with every page turn. Each interviewee loved the book and jumped at the chance to express it, but we couldn’t include them all in 30 seconds!

Director Jordan Nowlin called the many readers up to the stand to hear their thoughts. This trailer was one of many challenges for newcomers Luis Cuevas and Jon Hall as they edited and colored, each tasked with two 15 second and two 30 second videos each. The challenge paid off as the trailer portrays the spine-chilling excitement of the book.

With graphics created by Animation Director Seth Johnson, and voice over by our very own Trey Gregory, this trailer is sure to make anyone plead “GUILTY!” for wanting to read the book.




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