James Patterson | The Fall of Crazy House – Commercial

Book trailer for James Patterson’s The Fall of Crazy House

We’re doubling up on thrills in this mind-bending book trailer

There’s nothing creepy about twin girls in the same outfit doing things in unison, right? We can’t think of a single story where that was a bad… Oh. Yeah, nevermind. This trailer for James Patterson’s The Fall of Crazy House hits you with horror vibes like an ax hitting a bathroom door. Throw in a murder-themed nursery rhyme and you’ve really turned things up to 11!

Ok, so that last one wasn’t a horror movie reference.

With plenty of scares, mystery, and action, Crazy House became one of James Patterson’s biggest hits of 2019. It’s a unique twist on the coming-of-age story, and we were thrilled to make several videos hyping it’s release. But we have to say, this one holds a special place in our hearts. It’s Kelsey Cherney’s directorial debut! Not only that, but our terrifying twins were played by Olivia Gregory, daughter of partner, animator, DP, and all-around good guy, Trey Gregory. Not many actors could’ve handled a dual role as a debut, but Olivia killed it. And no, we don’t mean literally, no matter how scary her performance is.

After the shoot, the eminently-talented Kelsey took on the edit, too. Then, Joe DiCosola’s chilling sound design and some glitchy effects from David Hixon brought this one home. The book has been a huge success, and we got to play with a bunch of cool concepts as a result. That’s important! You know what they say about all work and no play….

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