James Patterson | The Fall of Crazy House – EYES

Crazy is in the eye of the beholder in this mysterious trailer

The Fall of Crazy House is as wild a ride as the name suggests. Let’s face it, thriller maestro James Patterson wouldn’t have it any other way. Crazy House is a mystery-laden thrill ride, guaranteed to make your head spin, so that’s what this quick spot does, too. The ad isn’t here to answer questions! It’s here to raise them.

For starters, how did we get so close to that eye? Well, our probe lens can do some pretty amazing things. It’s an incredible tool, and it’s had a hand in several projects for our friends at Hachette Book Group, like this chilling-yet-festive spot for the ever-popular Women’s Murder Club installment, 19th Christmas.

DP Trey Gregory started with a slow zoom out, which was later spliced with videos of the world going… well, crazy. Our own Melissa St. Claire got the call to act in this one. Her wry smile accents the line, “Aren’t we all going a little crazy?” as a double appears above. Seth Johnson handled the visual effects with typical excellence. But changing Mel’s eye color? That’s no trouble for ace colorist, Jenn Lee, CSI, VES.

It just goes to show: you don’t need a complicated concept to have an effective advertisement. We finished the shoot in just a few hours, turned around a cool video, and nobody lost their minds over it. That is, except for the mind-blown readers!

Client: James Patterson | Profile: Commercial Video




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