James Patterson | 18th Abduction – Lindsay Boxer Character Intro

Dectective Lindsay Boxer stands over a murder victim.

James Patterson and Maxine Paetro’s Women’s Murder Club is back with a bang

Lindsay Boxer is a badass detective. She and the rest of the Women’s Murder Club have been fighting to keep the streets of San Francisco safe for almost two decades!

We wanted to give readers the thrill of seeing Lindsay investigate a crime scene, just like she does in the books. So, we recreated intense police lights using ever-popular SkyPanel lights, and Emily Payton laid down on cold pavement to do her best impression of a murder victim.

The spot is dark and moody. Director Seth Johnson and DP Trey Gregory created an impressionistic view that lends the scene both intensity and a distinctive color palate. Both are key in a spot like this, which can’t rely on dialogue. Also, our audio engineer, Joe DiCosola, infused the spot with some next level sound design work.

Of course, you’re probably wondering who killed Emily. Well, at the end of the spot, we reveal that our own Collin Ingram was the perp. So, Lindsay does her thing and takes him away (those are real handcuffs that Muriel Lee procured, by the way!). It’s a fitting conclusion to a spot that is, in a word, arresting.

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