Picture of Jenn Lee, CSI - Senior Colorist

Jenn Lee, CSI - Senior Colorist

Thanks for stopping by my blog page! I’m ECG’s Senior Colorist. For anyone who is new to post production, that means I make the final touches to each video before we deliver. In general, my goal as the Colorist is to elevate what the cinematographer has already captured on set. I don’t like to try to completely change the way a shot looks in post, especially if the cinematographer is not present for that decision. I see what I do is a collaboration with the director and the director of photography, not a hostile takeover. Some of the cool things you can expect from my blog space would be articles that contain more pretty pictures than articles with high word counts. I also help out with our Rack Focused Podcast, where women tell all about our experience in the film industry. It’s easier to explain color through showing, rather than telling. So, I’m going to try to keep things light on the jargon, just to keep everything general-audience-accessible. If you are a colorist and would like to nerd out about some of the finer points of color science please feel free to shoot me an email at jenn@ecgprod.com There are also some things I do outside of work that may make their way into this space. So, if you like kittens, motorcycles, and anime tattoos, we’ll get along just fine. For more stills from my current work you can follow me on Instagram! @jennlee.colorist

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