Longbow Advantage | Recruitment Video

This Longbow Advantage Recruitment video showcases just how many opportunities there are with the Rebus team, and the companies it benefits.

Filmed during the Rebus NOW 2022 Conference in Boston, the ECG team got a chance to the minds behind Longbow Advantage on the many opportunities the industry and Rebus provides. The two-day shoot consisted of coverage of the event, interviews, and even a boat party shot by our team of Alesso Graci, Emily Payton, and Sebastian Chamaca. 

The people who were originally going to be interviewed were unavailable, thus, the team was tasked with interviewing different people throughout the conference. This represented a challenge the team took on with stride, and ultimately shaped the way the rest of the Rebus NOW 2022 videos were formed.

LMS Practice Manager Angie Lovins gives an insight behind the curtains, explaining how the industry has evolved and made it easier on everyone, from data analysis, warehouse management, and more.

Similarly, Director of Rebus Implementation Chelsea Brady explains how she was involved with the development of Rebus, and how it has been amazing to see just how its users have been able to take full advantage of the tool, and adapt it to their needs. 

Interspersed with footage from the conference, speakers, and celebrations, this recruitment video shows just how the teams have grown together, and laugh together.

“Everybody works hard but also plays hard and has your back,” Lovins said. “There is no politicking, everyone is just trying to achieve the same mission.”

The recruitment video was edited by Jon Hall, who was tasked with taking several long and short interviews and marrying them to create a cohesive and persuasive video. Sebastian Chamaca served as the Post Production manager, ensuring each video felt as part of the same series. Lead Colorist Alesso Graci gave the conference a sophisticated, yet fun feel. Finally, Audio Engineer Matt Harriott ensured that the audio was crisp and clear, even through the sounds of the boat party and conference. After much work, the video turned out to be an excellent showcase of the minds behind Rebus, and the success of their tool.




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