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Lead Colorist

Alesso is a Venezuelan born, Italian-blooded latino artist at heart that built his way into becoming an integral part of our team.

Having been introduced to the arts by his parents from an early age, Ale has always had an eye for dope stuff. Looking to build his skillset as a musician, he moved to Orlando, FL to study music production at Full Sail University. During his time there he met Sebastian, who quickly became a close friend and collaborator, and together they started creating content under the artist collective ‘UNFAITHFOOLS’, under which they’ve now released several records, music videos, documentaries, clothing, and more creative ventures.

Alesso’s skills go far past music and sound. When it comes to visuals, he’s a master of composition, color and style, which make him not only one of our best Directors of Photography but also our Lead Colorist. A Creative Director at heart, He’s always full of great ideas and has a unique vision and set of skills that allows him to bring them to fruition. Having directed everything from documentaries and interviews with high caliber talent to music videos of all budgets, to corporate training series, any type of project is a challenge he will gladly take on. He’s also a trailblazer when it comes to 3D Design and Virtual Production, as well as AI art and all of its emerging applications within the world of creative technology.

When not in the Color Suite or directing sets, you can find Alesso making music, recording some crazy video with Seb, or having an existential crisis about having bought the wrong kind of pasta.

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