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ECG Productions is proud to announce that we have teamed up with the Paleo Mom, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, to produce a show about the paleo diet. With so many cooking shows already on TV, the goal was to make more than just another cooking show. Paleo Bites dives into the science behind the meals, and provides healthy living tips for keeping an active lifestyle. Not only does the show feature recipes and workout tips, but it also demonstrates just how easy the paleo lifestyle can be.

Paleo Bites was shot over the course of four days, consisting of five different locations. During the cooking portion, we used three Blackmagic Production Camera 4Ks; one stationary, one free and one on a dolly. For the whole foods and green screen sections, we used a BMPC 4k on a tripod. The garden and workout facility locations required a BMPC 4k on a Steadicam. The episode was edited in house using Adobe Premiere, with graphics made in Adobe After Effects. The audio mix was completed in Pro Tools.

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