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At ECG Productions, we’re in the business of telling stories through video. This time around, we’re trying to get a wonderful dog named Benito adopted. Why you ask? Because we fell in love with this dog while working on our latest documentary Dr. Good: A Pet Rescue Mission. Watch our mini-documentary about Benito to learn about his story and discover what a sweet dog he is.

Dr. Good: A Pet Rescue Mission follows Dr. Good on his mission to put an end to the euthanasia of healthy animals. Dr. Good is an experienced veterinarian who envisions a world where animal shelters are empty and every home has a loving pet in it. Dr. Good believes that if people are responsible with spaying, neutering, breeding, and caring for their pets, then there would be no need to euthanize adoptable pets for population control. He believes that there are enough homes for homeless pets, it’s simply a matter of providing a voice for them by getting the word out through pet clubs. A pet club provides a way for a group of people to unite for the common goal of finding a forever home for their sponsored pet. In order to make the formation of pet clubs simple and free-to-establish, Dr. Good created, which enables clubs to enroll and select a pet to sponsor within minutes.

Dr. Good: A Pet Rescue Mission with ECG Productions at New Manchester Elementary School

While filming the documentary, we at ECG have witnessed how great this cause is and how Homeless Pets Clubs really does help save the lives of countless homeless pets who would have otherwise been euthanized. So we’ve gotten behind the cause and started our own pet club that we call ECG Productions Boca’s Buddies (named after my internet famous cat, Boca). Our first sponsored pet is Benito and as you could see from the mini-documentary above, his story is truly amazing. Please share our Benito video with your friends and family in order to help us find a home for this one of a kind dog.

Benito for Adoption ECG Productions Pet Club

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  1. Hello,
    I adopted Benito, the dog with the injured leg you made a documentary film about in 2014.
    I hadn’t seen your film until now, when an internet rabbit hole led me to a vimeo link.
    I can’t express what joy it brought me to see Benito (now Dakota) in a time before I met him. While his story started off rough, I thought you should know for the past 4-5 years he has been so spoiled and loved on in my home.

    Happy New Year, I hope this finds the right person!

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