Feature Films

Ah, the good old feature film. ECG has been around the block on feature film productions a few times. Take it from us, they are a grind to create, but there are few projects that are as rewarding when finished. Creating a feature takes huge amounts of pre-production, production experience and connections across the film industry to do right. Plus, if there’s anything we value at ECG, it’s a good story. There’s really no better place for moving, funny, extraordinary stories than in the movies. That is the crucial building block of any video we create, from a corporate recruiting video to an indie feature film. It’s a challenge we’re always ready to take on, whenever the opportunity comes through our doors.

Feature Films Portfolio

Younger man kisses older woman

Quarterlife Ben Trailer

What happens when an awkward, bumbling 20-something falls for an older woman? See the beginnings of this wild ride in our movie trailer for our film, Quaterlife Ben.

A Free Bird

Total Buns Productions | A FREE BIRD

In a world of limited intelligence, one man’s misadventures quickly get crazy. Check out the preview for A Free Bird, created in association with ECG Productions.