Belgard | Design Studio Animated Explainer Video

A blend of 2D animation and 3D renders offer a dynamic glimpse at one of Belgard’s coolest services

Animated explainer videos may not be the sexiest genre of video content, we’ll admit. But, there’s something intensely satisfying about them, too. A great commercial gets you invested in a product or a campaign, but a top-notch explainer video is practical knowledge! It leaves you with understanding you didn’t have before. In other words, they really help both the businesses that create them and the consumers who are interested in their products.

That’s the case with this video for the Belgard Design Studio, a VR experience in which prospective home remodelers can preview their future outdoor spaces. Contractors and customers alike love it because it takes away unwanted surprises down the road! Our video features a combination of hand-drawn assets, pre-existing icons, and actual renders from the Belgard Design Studio, so you can see the stunning accuracy for yourself. Lead Animator Trey Gregory stitched the pieces together seamlessly on a rugged blueprint background in Adobe After Effects, lending an extra dimension to the video. Literally!

Our own Collin Ingram provided the voiceover talent for all the videos in this series. And, of course, he read from a script the illustrious writing team penned, making this a full script-to-screen effort! 

We consider ourselves pretty much at the animated explainer video game at this point (and the humility game, too). But we still get a kick out of turning in another A+ production! 




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