Quarterlife Ben Trailer

Quarterlife Ben Cast:

  • Benjamin Lamm – Ben
  • Merritt Mitchell – Merritt
  • Ric Reitz – Tom
  • Matthew Young – Matt
  • Jared Young – Jared
  • Jason Sirotin – Karl
  • Sandra Dorsey – Bobby

The Feature Film Production of Quarterlife Ben, Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia

ECG Productions is happy to (finally) release the Quarterlife Ben feature film trailer. It’s taken five long years since we wrapped production for this film to see the light of day. The production was done on a micro-budget and presented more than its fair share of challenges. After all this time we are looking forward to an early 2016 release date. Filming took place in and around the Atlanta area on two Canon 7Ds. This is literally the last of our projects that was edited in Final Cut Pro 7 before we switched to Adobe Premier.

Younger man kisses older woman

Quarterlife Ben Synopsis:

Ben has moved back in with his father and is hesitant to make any moves to get his life in order. He finds himself in a relationship with an older woman. Could she be the inspiration he needs to get back on his feet? Quarterlife Ben delves into the challenges of everyday life while exploring relationships and how age differences can complicate things.

younger man sitting on wall with older woman

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