Where would we be if it weren’t for post-production? From editing to finishing a video is made in post-production. Why is picture lock important? What can you expect from the post-production process when your video gets there? How will editing decisions affect your project? Our experts have written content to help you navigate the post-production process. Do you need tips and tricks when it comes to post-production? Read on.

A TreeHorn Cider can and glass

Quality Control: The Drinking Game

Doing rounds of quality control for a video is trying, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. This drinking game will be your best friend during your next QC sesh.

Organizational metal bins with several squares for video editors.

Bins for the Win(s)

Bins and folders. For video editors, they’re the digital key to organization. If you’re in video post-production, bins are your best friend in any project. Here’s why!