Where Do Essential, Digital Dailies Go After A Fun Shoot?

Since the dawn of the movie-making industry, Production dailies have been a critical part of the production process.

As the raw, unedited footage from a shoot, Digital dailies give you insight into what’s happening on set almost as it’s happening.

Back when people shot features solely on celluloid film, you couldn’t see Monday’s footage until Tuesday. Each day, the reels from a day’s shoot would get sent to a lab for overnight development. The next day, the director, critical crew members, and producers could see how the shoot was progressing. 

Watching dailies before editing begins allows the filmmakers to figure out what they may be doing wrong, see what they’re doing right, earmark scenes they need to reshoot, and make notes for changes to future shoot days.

Dailies do all this, but ultimately, they determine if a shoot is on track which is why using dailies upload services that work fast and efficiently are key.


What’s The Rush?

In the United Kingdom and Canada, they call dailies “rushes.” The “rush” refers to the speed at which the footage gets prepared for viewing.

Meeting a tight deadline was more of an issue in the earlier days of movie-making when footage needed processing before viewing. In the digital age, the footage may still need conversion, but the process takes minutes rather than hours thanks to the right dailies upload services.

digital dailies
Digital dailies offer the added advantage of being able to upload, download, and easily deliver. They’re the necessary technology to suit the needs of filmmakers and producers who may end up spread out across the world.

Thanks to digital dailies, directors and key crew members can see footage within the same day. When managed correctly, footage can get downloaded and viewed almost in real time!

This is all possible thanks to the new ways we capture footage on the set as well as the technology that lets that footage travel through space in the cloud.

Having a dailies upload service that understands the need for speed that won’t impact quality is essential. They’ll make sure your footage gets seen by the right people at the right time, without the risk of blurry downloads or poorly matched footage and sound. What they’ll see is the real deal from the set. They’ll get a true feel for the vibe of the day.


You can rely on ECG Productions for all your dailies upload services. Our team of dedicated professionals can typically upload a day’s worth of footage in four hours or less. If you’re going high-def and shooting at a higher resolution, our gigabit fiber internet can still make quick work of your footage upload.

At ECG, it’s all about efficiency and security. Our dedicated internet connection for uploads helps streamline the process, and our watchful team ensures nothing goes wrong.

Should your needs broaden beyond dailies uploads, ECG is also a full-service production company. We’re able to assist in any area of your production, from concept to the final edit. Contact us today to learn more.

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