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From Table Top To Drop Top, Our Latest & Greatest Product Demo Reel Has It All!

It’s our solemn belief that a great product speaks for itself. Sure, adding a handful of visual effects can add some pizazz; and yes, a slick color grade can really make the product pop off the screen. In the end, though, it’s the product itself – the tangible, graspable, consumable thing – that actually arrests our attentions and pries open our wallets.

At least that was the ethos we worked from as we crafted our kick-ass new product demo reel!

To say we had a lot of source footage to choose from would be… well, it’d be about as gross of an understatement as saying our newest office pup, Freya, is just kinda cute. I mean c’mon! Look at her! LOOK AT HER! 

With over 15 years of amazing footage at our disposal, Lead Editor Wilson Drake went prospecting in hopes of lucking upon the best of the best stuff in our repertoire. The end result is an absolute gold rush, a breakneck 0:54 of brand after breathtaking brand at the height of their visual prowess. 

We’re not just talking niche industries or brands, either! This product demo reel runs the gamut: sleek, and sexy Mercedes-Benz gives way to the rugged, smoky Char-Griller beauties, which then gives way to the clean, crisp lines of our MoistureShield work. No matter the industry or product type, we know exactly how to make it shine.

So, in the end, like any product itself, our Product Demo Reel speaks for itself. And boy does it speak volumes.




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