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Industrial Video Production

The industrial space is extremely underserved when it comes to marketing needs. Industrial videos tend to be dry, highly technical and purely informational. Why not entertain your viewer WHILE you inform them? Why not be just as hip, edgy and current as the marketing for any other business sector?

Industrial video production showing major construction project.

Many people in the industrial sector speak in the language of numbers and hard facts. Well here’s a hard fact for you: old school industrial videos just flat out don’t work. Period. You need content that displays both the head and the heart of your business. You need content that’s rich in both information and in passion. This balancing act isn’t always an easy one, but with the right team at your disposal, your next industrial video could be the envy of the field.

The Best Source for Your Industrial Video

That’s where ECG Productions comes in. Our team has been a national go-to source for industrial videos for over decade, servicing brands both large and small along the way. In addition to our keen eye for detail and depth of experience, ECG prides itself on its conceptual creativity and ingenuity. No matter the product or the brand, we bring your story to life in ways that will leave you speechless. In short, with ECG your industrial video won’t be an industrial video: it’ll be a kick-ass piece of content that just happens to be industrial.

Welder working on a piece of metal for an industrial video.

We don’t just want your video marketing materials to blow away your industrial competition. We want them to win awards and leave viewers in awe! Don’t think small. What you get with ECG is a one-stop shop that service your every industrial video need. From updating a dated video you want to replace to revitalizing your video marketing efforts, we’ve got you covered. Don’t have any video marketing content at all? Let us build you a top-notch multi-platform campaign that will build interest, capture future customers and grow your business!

If you’re ready to step into the future of industrial videos, reach out to [email protected] today.