Resurgens Orthopaedics| “No Excuses” – Commercial

Another amazing commercial for our friends at Resurgens Orthopaedics

As this commercial shows, there’s no more excuses for bad medical commercials! We’ve worked hand in hand with Resurgens Orthopaedics for years; and while every project has been successful, they also challenge us to reach for more with our next concept. The “No Excuses” commercial marks our most ambitious shoot to date.

Shot at multiple locations over 3 days of shooting, the logistics of this shoot alone would make lesser production companies quiver. But not ECG! We tackled the challenge the only way we know how: with precision and an eye for detail. Think it’s “just a coincidence” that the jump-roper at 0:15 is wearing the Resurgens’ signature teal? Or that almost every shot just happens to include a visual effect? Think again!

This spot’s Director and DP—Jason Sirotin and Trey Gregory, respectively—worked tirelessly to get these shots just right. For instance, the opening shot on the soccer field included a tricky jib shot that took some maneuvering. However, with a bit of directorial pizzaz and smooth-moving camera work, it ultimately morphed into a show-stopping start to the spot.

Client: Resurgens Orthopaedics | Profile: Commercial Video




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