SiteOne | Safety Training Video | Gloves

In this case, the gloves are staying ON in this safety training video for hardscapes leader, SiteOne

ECG has been a long-time go-to vendor when it comes to the world of hardscapes and hardscaping. With hot off the presses branded content like Concrete Combat for Sakrete under our belt, were pride ourselves on making things like concrete drying just a little more exciting than they could be.

Enter: SiteOne. SiteOne approached us looking for a partner to help them with a series of in-house safety training videos that involved both animation and live-action. SiteOne provided the talent, and ECG provided the studio location, and the whole series of videos was knocked out in a single day of production.

Once the production element was complete, it was time to turn the videos over to the animation department. Thanks to a wonderfully written script, provided by SiteOne, the animation team was able to match the playful style of the script with an equally playful animation style. Using stock art when possible, and custom-creating anything they couldn’t find, the animation team added as many little pops of personality as possible, while still keeping the message front-and-center.

Once the animation was complete, it was time to turn the videos over to finishing. Color correction on the footage really made the lead talent pop off the screen, and adding some subtle shake on the animated elements really helps the pieces feel more alive. Next it was time for the final audio mix and sound design and it was time for the whole team to get involved in the process. If you listen carefully on the title slide for each video, you can hear multiple people yelling that name of the video: Gloves, 3 Points of Contact, Lifting.

With all of the pieces in place the videos were ready for prime-time, and were delivered to SiteOne. With the delivery of the finals, these safety videos were pushed out to Site One’s production facilities and suddenly everyone feels a lot more safe.

If you need a hybrid animated/live action training video for your company, talk to the video professionals at ECG Productions. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you with your next video project.




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