TextNow | Phone Service in an App – Social Campaign

A textbook effective social campaign for TextNow

Major cell carriers can be a bit of a pain, amirite? Well, that’s where our good friends at TextNow come in! TextNow is an ad-supported, in-app alternative to regular cell service, with monthly plans starting at literally $0. Check out their website – it’s right there in the first block of text!

Now, where did we fit into this rapidly evolving cellphone carrier ecosystem? Our Director of Animation, Seth Johnson, puts it best:

“TextNow came to us because their internal marketing team was spread too thin, overloaded,  but still needed to get some top priority explainer videos out, fast. We were all too happy to oblige!”

After diving into the (incredibly thorough and meticulously planned) style guide provided by the TextNow crew, we dove head first into producing 3 separate videos for the campaign: 

First was a top level brand explainer video that offered insight into what this company is and where they fit into the marketplace.

Second was an “how to” video that walks folks through exactly how to activate your TextNow sim card and access their nation-wide call and text network.

Lastly, we crafted a quick, punchy 0:15 social-facing video that drove awareness around TextNow’s game-changing sim card.

Anneli Brown, the lead animator and project lead for this execution, still remembers the project fondly. “What made this social campaign so fun was just the brand itself. Their cheeky asset style and fun, vibrant color palette is pretty visually arresting stuff. The goal was to keep all the videos light and fast-moving – we wanted to meet their key demo where they were, after all – and I think we knocked that ask out of  the park!”




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