Truthify | Product Demonstration Video

Facial Recognition (For Good!) In This Product Demo Series For Truthify

What if your phone could tell you what emotions you were experiencing, even just subconsciously? That was the concept behind Truthify, an app that uses “Emotion AI” software to track micro-changes in a person’s expression when they’re confronted with a scenario or question. Users of Truthify are paid for their reactions, which help advertisers, polling services, and more, figure out what people really think. 

Our goal was to shoot some scripted, topical questions Truthify would ask their users. The creative team of Sebastian Chamaca and Alesso Graci created some pleasing gradient backgrounds for the shoot, taking care to frame our talent, the incomparable Lesa Wilson. It was a unique challenge to create videos that weren’t meant to include any bias at all.

Editor Cameron Shaw churned through the twelve videos so Truthify could start using them. He even tested the app to see if it would track his expressions properly! Creating these test videos for such a new and exciting technology was a fascinating and enlightening experience. And you shouldn’t have to analyze our facial expressions to know that’s the truth!




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