UGA SBDC | We’re Here for You

An encouraging message for Georgia small businesses during COVID-19

As an entity, the UGA SBDC strives to help Georgia small businesses any way it can. Whether it’s providing invaluable consultations or highlighting a business’s success story, this organization puts its money where its mouth is. So, during the calamity of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that the agency had a clear, ringing message:

We’re here for you.

Compiled from productions we’ve produced for the UGA SBDC, we cut together a smashing sizzle reel that showcases businesses across the state. Those shots of blueberry farmers, printers, metal fabricators — the SBDC has helped them all. The agency’s wealth of resources are immensely beneficial during “business as usual,” and mission critical during tough times. This video puts that fact on display.

The fast-paced edit cut together by Wilson underscores the UGA SBDC’s unshakeable resolve. And Anneli’s simplistic text treatment drives home their message without muddying it with overt flourish. It’s straightforward, yet heartfelt. 

Ultimately, the video isn’t anything you haven’t seen before. However, its timeliness and impact make it all the more resounding.




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