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AI is Coming for Your Jobs Voiceover Artists v2

Voiceover artists, its do or die!

Hey VO artists! The comfortable days of just strolling into a studio, recording your lines, and cashing a big paycheck are over.

If you’ve been in this industry for as long as I have, you’ve watched VO work evolve over the years. Most recently, from the studio to the home studio. But now you’re watching AI voices take over social media, and next they’re coming for you. Take Eleven Labs, for example. It’s a tech company at the forefront of voice synthesis, they run one of the leading text to speech generators out there. I’m sure you’ve heard the rather robotic reads on hundreds of TikToks and Shorts. But what most people don’t know, is that Eleven Labs can also do speech-to-speech generation, allowing anyone to make their voice sound however they want, while maintaining your performance. These aren’t the robotic, emotionless voices you hear on social media. Today, with minimal effort, anyone can produce voices that are impressively realistic and can perform a range of sounds—from a deep, smooth baritone to quirky cartoon characters.

So, why should clients pay more for your voice when they can get something very similar at the click of a button? Let’s cut through the usual talk about the ‘human touch’ and ’emotional connection.’ Things have changed. The days of dozens of people listening in on a VO session, which used to be common, now feels like a complete waste of time. We produce hundreds of videos a year and our clients are looking for quick, cost-effective solutions for their videos, demos, and training materials. In this fast-paced market, being fixated on achieving the perfect take is becoming a luxury many companies just can’t justify.  

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Outdated Methods, Outdated Careers: The Voiceover Industry’s Crossroads

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I’ve read a lot of articles and forum threads where VO artists are willfully refusing to engage with AI on any level, and as a professional in a technical field; this baffles me. Sticking your head in the sand? Really? That’s like a manufacturer refusing to learn about machines during the Industrial Revolution. Time for an upgrade!

While some shout “Technology bad! AI scary!” the world of AI is improving every day, delivering voiceovers that are smoother than a freshly paved highway. And there you are, stuck in the past, your skills gathering dust like an old Betamax tape. (You gotta be over forty for that one.) 

Change is like a rogue wave—if you don’t prepare for it, it will sink you. Failure to adapt to emerging technology in your industry is an easily avoidable mistake.

Why cling to outdated methods? Is it fear of new technology? Or maybe dread at the prospect of having to work in a different landscape than before? Change can be daunting, but not changing? That can be career ending.

Denial might feel comforting, but it won’t pay the bills. And those voiceover forums where everyone’s lamenting the death of “the craft”? Here’s a newsflash: the craft won’t preserve itself—it will evolve. Will you evolve with it, or will you close your eyes, cover your ears, and turn off the lights?

So here’s your not-so-subtle nudge: Get with the program. These technologies can make you prolific, they can give you VO superpowers. Imagine being able to bid on every type of job you see. Deep-voiced man, high-pitched child, alien who speaks English, there are no limits to what your voice can sound like. Dive into these new technologies, learn how AI works, and figure out how you can use it to your advantage. Stop fearing the future and start embracing it. Be a professional and stay on top the evolution of your field.


Adapt or Risk Irrelevance: A New Era for Voiceover Artists

Before you start typing out your frustrations, let’s set the record straight: this isn’t about the end for talented voiceover artists, but it is about shedding complacency. It’s no longer enough to have a good microphone and the ability to read a script without tripping over words. To stay relevant, you need to work harder and smarter than ever before.


like it or not aI is the future of most things

This, my friends, is the future. The question is, are you going to be a part of it, or another casualty of tech disruption?
  • Ditch the Ego, Embrace the Hustle. Stop lamenting that this “isn’t real voiceover work.” What matters is what the market demands—flexibility. Your competitors are no longer just other voice actors; they’re sophisticated software that improves every day.
  • Your Voice is a Weapon. Use it Wisely. Think of yourself as a voice entrepreneur. Is there a way to license your voice on AI platforms? Can you become the go-to person for a specific industry or a style that machines can’t quite capture? It’s about repackaging your skills to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Story of Adaptation. Consider this: recently, I narrated a simple explainer video for a client—nothing fancy, just straight-up script reading. For fun, I ran it through Eleven Labs, and minutes later, I had a version that made Darth Vader’s voice seem tame by comparison. It was impressively realistic. This is the future—scary, but undeniably real.
  • Embrace New Realities. Here’s your blunt wake-up call: adapt or fall behind. Learn how these new AI technologies work and figure out how to make them work for you. Stop fearing the future and start embracing it. If you don’t, you’ll be like someone at a modern party holding a rotary phone, while everyone else is using cutting-edge tech.
  • Become a Hustle-Obsessed Innovator. Forget mourning over “artistic integrity.” What’s valuable now is being adaptable and flexible. Think of yourself as a voiceover ninja, versatile across various media from explainer videos to video games to e-learning. No job too small, no deadline too tight—you are a one-person voiceover powerhouse!
  • Tech-Savvy and Market-Wise. Your competitors include not just other voice artists but increasingly capable AI. Don’t fight technology—master it. Clinging to outdated equipment is like going to battle with a slingshot. Time to get proficient with modern audio editing tools and AI platforms.
  • Self-Made Marketer. Passive websites and waiting for calls are outdated. Network vigorously, build your brand, and make yourself the go-to voice for your niche. Treat your online presence like a billboard that screams “HIRE ME!” If you’re not actively marketing yourself, you’re practically invisible.
  • Master of Nuance. Machines struggle with subtlety. Specialize in voices and styles that AI can’t replicate. Whether it’s a helium-addicted cartoon squirrel, a sultry French accent, or an old pirate—these are your superpowers.
  • A Storytelling Specialist. Go beyond just reading scripts. Understand the emotional core of narratives and the subtext that breathes life into characters. Remember, AI can’t yet replicate genuine human emotion.
  • A Multilingual Marvel. The world is shrinking. Being fluent in multiple languages is a huge advantage. Imagine advertising ice cream to penguins in flawless German with a comic Austrian twist—a skill no AI can match yet.
  • A Content Creation Dynamo. Build an online presence that highlights your versatility. Create demos, tutorials, and challenges. Think of your social media as a reality show where you’re the star, constantly proving your value over any AI.
  • A Data-Driven Strategist. Keep tabs on market trends and tailor your offerings to what clients really need. Imagine yourself as a voiceover strategist, pinpointing client needs and positioning yourself as the ideal solution.
  • A Relentless Learner. The voiceover field is constantly evolving. Stay curious, refine your craft, and never stop learning. Complacency is the precursor to obsolescence.
  • A Skilled Negotiator. Don’t undervalue your talents. Know the industry standards, understand your worth, and negotiate assertively. Be prepared to walk away from undervalued offers. Your voice is a premium product, and it deserves fair compensation.

This is your reality check, a direct call to action. Success is available, but it demands effort. Playing the victim and clinging to old ways won’t get you far. So, make your choice clear: Adapt and thrive as a voiceover artist, or risk fading into the background. It’s your career on the line—will you rise to the occasion?

I'm Grabbing You By Your shoulders... Because I adore you

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. This is your wake-up call, the stark truth laid bare. Success is still very much achievable, but it demands something from you: effort. Shed the victim mentality and let go of the ‘old-school’ ways; they won’t earn you accolades anymore. So listen up, the choices are crystal clear: Adapt and become a sought-after talent, or stick with the status quo and risk fading into obscurity. Your career is balancing on a tightrope. Will you be the dynamic voice that captivates, clarifies, and charms, or will you fade out, becoming just another overlooked noise? The stage is set, and the spotlight is waiting. What’s your next move?

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