YBN Almighty Jay | Big Check (Official Music Video)

An animated music video that “Big Checks” all the boxes: fun, playful, and booming!

This fully-animated music video was the third in a trilogy created for YBN Almighty Jay and Atlantic Records at the end of 2021. YBN Almighty Jay’s album, Battling My Spirit, was set to release at the top of 2022, so the heat was on to create this series of videos before the year closed.

This cute, tongue-in-cheek, animation was created as a bridge between the other two songs in the trilogy: “Battling My Spirit,” “Big Check,” and “Drank Sealed.” This video was a collaboration with multiple illustrators, all of whom worked diligently to crank out art that’s as fun and playful as the song itself.

The client loved the art we created for the video and had very few notes for us to integrate. We were trying to create a quickly-executable version of the promotional art from the game Grand Theft Auto V. The illustration team really nailed the overall look and feel of the music video and gave the animation team a great head start on the creation of the video. All art was created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator using vector art to allow the animation team the greatest leeway in the animation process.

Once the art for the video was complete, it was handed over to our animation team who were all working in Adobe After Effects to create the comic-book-come-to-life feel. Once the animation was complete, the team took the video into finishing where it received it’s “Saturday Morning Cartoon” look. Because this was a music video, color finishing was the final part of the process and the video was ready to launch.




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