Music Videos

Oh boy. Music videos — some of the hardest content to create, but some of the funnest sets to be on. Everyone at ECG has a great story from “that one time I was on set filming a music video”. One of our best stories hails from the shoot for hip hop artist Freetown’s song Life of the Party. Our crew travelled to Miami, ready for a full day shoot in a swanky beach mansion location, only to have the artist no-show on the day. We made the most of it though, and, although it’s not what we envisioned, we still think the video turned out pretty great. That’s really the magic of music videos — anything goes. It’s a chance for us to realize some pretty amazing, off-the-beaten-path concepts and experiment with new methods of lighting or camerawork. We always get excited when the opportunity to create a music video comes our way.

Music Videos Portfolio

16 OS - Lil Freak Music Video

16 OS | Lil’ Freak Music Video

Taking a track you know has something special and making the right music video is something we excel at. See what we created for 16 OS in his video for “Lil’ Freak.”

The Hearsay - Warning Signs music video film noir

The Hearsay | Warning Signs

From concept to screen, see how a music video comes to life when you have a visionary director and an awesome song like “Warning Signs” from The Hearsay.

Artist Slim walking on a sidewalk in a neighborhood in Atlanta, GA.

Slim | One Destiny

Working with a musician to create a music video concept can be so rewarding. See how our collaboration with up-and-coming artist Slim led to the “One Destiny” video.

16OS Beauty Music Video ECG Productions

16 OS | Beauty

Produced like a music video, but different, this spoken word piece by artist 16OS, entitled “Beauty,” will give you chills

16 OS - 3's Company music video still of a man in a warehouse.

16 OS | 3’s Company

A carefully choreographed music video is never as easy to create as it looks. Check out this one for artist 16OS’ song, “3’s Company.”

Video thumbnail for 360 concert footage video.

Nektar | Party on the Moon

This teaser trailer for Nektar’s music event at the Tabernacle was shot using 360° cameras. ECG is a leading expert in 360° video and this puts you right in the action!

Video thumbnail for a music video by rap artist Kese.

Kese | “On Me” Music Video

Creative use of neon lighting and a catchy track make this music video for Kese’s “On Me” sing in it’s own right. Another example of our passion for making music videos!