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    When you think of animated films, usually the name Disney comes to mind. Most people can list a cornucopia of films either made by Disney or a Disney-owned property, such as Pixar. However, there are so many other studios out there that make amazing films that deserve more attention. So...
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    Once again I have come to the rescue of a client who didn’t plan everything out. Too often someone decides to add on a graphic or animation or logo resolve without any warning or enough time. And, as always, I deliver without complaint and prepare, as always, for their feedback....
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    Since the dawn of art, mankind has struggled with depicting a basic function of vision: depth. Ancient cave drawings, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and even Medieval paintings depicted the world as flat. Attempts at capturing the idea of 3D space in a 2D medium were difficult. But by the Renaissance, the most...
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    For this blog post I thought I’d try my hand at a simple tutorial. I was recently working on a project that required an outline of an object to be animated in Adobe After Effects, but instead of using an image, I decided to use an existing 3D object (an...
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    When Paul Walker died tragically before the completion of the seventh Fast and Furious film, Universal called upon his brothers to step in in order to finish some of Paul’s final scenes. With a little help from some deft computer graphics work, the film was able to close out Brian...
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    These last two months have been very busy for me. A little while ago, I was tasked with motion tracking a series of green screen shots where I had to add a digital environment behind actors while matching the camera movement, as described in my last blog post. Lots of...
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    Today, I want to focus on a fun but nerdy topic, something I have struggled with for a long time: Motion Tracking. There are really two types of motion to track, the movement of an object, and the movement of the camera. And it can be challenging to pull off...