Animation and Graphic Design

Animation and Graphic Design are important storytelling tools. Our team of professional animators and graphic designers can give a unique insight into the different aspects of animation and graphic design. Some of our pieces give you a behind the scenes look. Others give you insight into the best tools. While others give you insider tips and tutorials. Whether you’re a client looking for information on workflow, or an up and coming animator, you’ll find pieces that help. From opinion pieces like Coco Vs. The Book of Life to tutorials like Dynamic 3D Outlines in After Effects you’re sure to find something that interests you.

A motion capture of Andy Serkis showing how to animate Gollum.

There is No Animate Button

Remember, graphics and animation take time. See why requesting they’re added in at the last minute isn’t always going to happen. Let ECG help you plan ahead.

Man running inside, ready for motion tracking

Motion Tracking in More Ways Than One

Improve your skills as a video production professional. We’re talking motion tracking, how to choose software, and best practices for using motion tracking in video content.

Woman in motion turning head

Motion Tracking Made Easy

Get an introduction to motion tracking and learn how to easily incorporate it into your next video production project. We’re here to share tips and tricks with you.