Arbor Vita8 | Full Spectrum CBG Immune Booster Tincture

This series of animated product videos for Arbor Vita 8 is quick, fun, and flashy.

As a leading source for all things hemp, Arbor Vita8 needed to convey what their new products did, as well as their polish and professionalism as a company. But, while that’s a great starting point for any product video, it’s still not enough. Tone and style were key. The last thing we wanted was to make these videos dry and boring! 

The first step was locking down our visual approach. Animator David Hixon achieved incredibly sleek 3D renderings of the different products, including the CBG Immune Booster Tincture featured here. To start, the client shipped him the physical products. He then used a ruler and a caliper to make detailed measurements. Next, it was on to Maya, to model each product and set up UV maps for them. Following these initial steps, David made the rest of the videos in Adobe After Effects, using Element 3D to import, texture, and surface the models. With help from Lead Animator Trey Gregory, David animated all the motion in AE and added lighting to make each product shine.

With the visuals proceeding smoothly, writers Jordan Nowlin and Cameron Shaw tag-teamed the scripts. They conjured as much wit as they could, then abandoned that and thought of as many silly puns as possible! Ok, but for real: they did a great job of balancing humor and information. Finally, the chosen voice of AV8, our own Collin Ingram, belted out the scripts with undeniable gravitas and charisma.

From hard work to word play, this video and it’s counterparts cover the full spectrum of what makes great product videos. With a stellar effort from an animation department, they came out looking CB-Gorgeous.




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