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Sharecare & The Atlanta Hawks | The Sharecare Movement

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Join the Atlanta Hawks In Their New Sharecare Movement!

Here in Atlanta, everyone loves the Hawks. That's why working with current Hawks players, the great Dominique Wilkins, and even Harry the Hawk on their partnership with Sharecare was such a thrill. We filmed in 6K with the RED Epic Dragon in famous Magic Lantern Studios, as well as our own in-house set. The result? In a word: swish.

We sunk some incredible shots thanks to great teamwork between our DP, Brandon Peterson, AC, Collin Ingram, LensHead Media, and, of course, Hall-of-Fame-worthy coaching from our Director, Jason Sirotin. Most importantly, however, is the awesome team at Bare Knuckles Creative who brought us on to shoot this spot. Just like the Hawks, our team showed they’re pretty damn “true” themselves.

Client: Sharecare & Atlanta Hawks | Profile: Commercial Video, Sports and Fitness

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