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Sports and Fitness Video Production

As a result of the growing obesity epidemic in the United States, sports, fitness, nutrition and weight-loss content has been steadily growing in popularity, reaching levels of near obsession for American audiences.

Over the past ten years the home, online and broadcast fitness markets have exploded, with a wide range of demographic segments seeking not only physical format (DVD/Blu-Ray) sports and fitness content, but also television programming, mobile applications, digital downloads, streaming video and video-on-demand.

A muscular weightlifter readies a deadlift for a sport video. A line of dumbells presented in a fitness video production. Brunette woman stretches in a yoga pose for sports and fitness video.

ECG Productions has years of experience developing and executing sports, fitness, health and nutrition content across a variety of platforms.  The first fitness DVD series we produced was for Atlanta’s own Dolvett Quince (now practically a household name), featured coach on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”.

Since creating the “Me & My Chair” series for Dolvett on 2007, the ECG team has gone on to produce multiple DVD series (“Workout Kid”, “Shazzy Fitness”), sports reality television content (“15 | Love”), online children’s fitness content for the Georgia Department of Parks & Recreation and HealthMPowers, and even a feature-length health and nutrition documentary film (“In Search of the Perfect Human Diet”).

Long story short, we know the sports & fitness space extremely well, and we have a laundry list of successful products and clients to prove it.  Our approach is simple: fitness videos in ANY format need to be not only informative and engaging but fun and visually stunning.  There are two categories of potential consumers for health and fitness content: people who are healthy and fit, and people who want to be.

Content targeted toward the latter group is tasked with convincing them to do something they wouldn’t do on their own.  Therefore, you are essentially marketing to people who either want to make a change OR want to continue a positive behavior that takes discipline and willpower.  To that end, in order to be successful, you must create content that can inform, entertain, and most importantly, motivate your audience.

Whether your project calls for a multi-camera studio shoot with multiple cast members moving in unison or requires simple graphics and voice-over to explain a concept or highlight a product, ECG Productions is prepared to work alongside your team to facilitate every step of the planning, production and post-production process.

Let us help you bring your cutting-edge sports and fitness content to the screen so you can start changing lives for the better!