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    Emily Payton


    From the age of 6, Atlanta native Emily Payton was obsessed with film and stage production. Growing up, she spent most of her spare time in a theatre, learning everything she could about production. She eventually followed her passion to Kennesaw State University, where she graduated with a Media Communications degree and certification from the Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program. Emily spent her collegiate career in radio and music production while making simple short features on the side.
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    Getting larger scale projects like episodic television shows or a documentary can be really fun. Scrubbing through new footage, discovering those little captured moments, even organizing copious amounts of assets in a new project gets your creative juices pumping. You make your first cut. It’s great. You love it. Second,...
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    There are times in this industry when you will be the only woman in the room, and in my experience most men are generally progressive and respectful. We are blessed at ECG with both respect AND tampons (you’d be shocked how many businesses refuse to provide them). There’s a part...
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    Recently, I worked on a mini-documentary on Hurricane Irma and Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources’ response to it. The DNR came to us with a bunch of footage and a basic idea of what they wanted to communicate about their department. Upon diving into the footage, my heart was elated....
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    EXTRA, EXTRA! This just in, an epidemic of tragic proportions. Thousands of movie-going citizens are boycotting trailers, everywhere! Specifically franchise trailers. People are turning off their late night hosts and avoiding the internet entirely. Angered Passionate Film Enthusiast: “I’m just sick of all the spoilers…That’s it right there. The spoilers.”...
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    The horror genre is a filmmaker's worst nightmare. Horror can take gut-wrenching ugliness and create chilling beauty. It can be as whimsical and abnormal as cartoons and as tense and dramatic as a blockbuster. And usually, you don’t even realize you’re riding an action-packed roller coaster. But let’s be honest,...