Emily Payton

Emily Payton

Atlanta native, Emily Payton graduated from the Joel A Katz Entertainment and Music Business Program at Kennesaw State University where she studied Media Communications. While in college, she persued a radio career at Owl Radio managing over 25 shows and more than 80 students. She discovered her love for editing and camera work creating a documentary on standup comedy. After graduating she sought out a way to improve her skills and landed gracefully at ECG. Since being at ECG she has defined her speciality in documentary and story based editing. She enjoys expanding her camera work as an AC and Director of Photography for scripted narratives and philanthropic marketing. In her spare time, Em loves cooking, live events, and creating music. A seeker of random facts, believer in all things bread, and a lover of goats, shes easily amused and constantly giggling. This weirdo hopes to use her story telling abilities to educate on important humanitarian topics and hopefully create a ripple that incentivises viewers to stay informed and take action when they can.

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