Oats Studios: Neill Blomkamp Gives The Audience What They Really Want

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A breakdown of Oats Studio and why director Neill Blomkamp's innovative reliance on fans' influence future is helping drive creativity and fast-track projects.

Visionary Director Neill Blomkamp missed his mark on his last few projects, despite their potential. However, he might have struck gold with his latest idea.

Blomkamp first peaked our interest with District 9, where he showed the submissive side to aliens. A twist in our typical intergalactic horror structure. His concept was unique: Blomkamp used 3D visual effects background to create realistic beings we’d been trained to hate; then, suddenly, he convinced us to sympathize with them. Say what you want about Chappie, but Blomkamp’s subversive world design and bold storytelling are not to be dismissed. He doesn’t think so either, which is why he created Oats Studios.

Director Neill Blomkamp of Oats Studios

What is Oats Studios?

Oats Studios is an all-encompassing film production studio. It’s a “giant playpen,” if you will, and the employees are self proclaimed “creators of experimental content.”

The content consists of 20 minute windows into worlds created by Oats Studios in hopes of creating hype and direction around Blomkamp’s next cinematic adventure. And these aren’t little productions either. If Sigourney Weaver and Dakota Fanning in the cast list don’t entice you, perhaps the amazingly detailed, gruesome animation will.

Oats Studios' Rakka creature design

“The goal isn’t short films, the goal is for large entertainment experiences.” – Neill Blomkamp on Oats Studios, at E3 2017.

Rakka concept art of an alien weapon

Blomkamp wants his team to feel “free to be creative” and for his audience’s feedback to “fuel” these future projects. And if you’re a fan of his you most likely love his concepts, which is exactly what he wants to give you. Oats Studios gives out short features for review, if you want to see more, you can support the feature by downloading the free software (Oats Studios – Volume 1 Assets) and purchasing assets as DLCs to play with the concepts themselves for small fee of $4.99 a project. You read that last sentence right. Assets including: 3D models, concept art booklets, the soundtrack, the script AND the high res (stereo) video file for just $4.99.

Will It Work?

I can feel your hesitation. It sounds silly, doesn’t it? Or is it genius? Think about it, if you’re not a filmmaker purchasing these assets, you’ve got yourself a pretty cool fan collection. If you are a filmmaker purchasing these assets, you have the ability to play in Neill Blomkamp’s mind. Oats also offers the ability to commercially publish your composition provided you follow the licensing rules. If you have the skill set to manipulate these assets, then you understand the idea of creative rights and that kick-ass filmmaking doesn’t grow on trees. So, of course, you’ll have no problem giving Oats what’s rightfully theirs.

It sounds crazy and I’m honestly not sure if he’s genius or shooting himself in the foot again. But I’m rooting for Blomkamp, and think this could be a new way to really give his audience what they want.

Don’t take my biased word for it though. See for yourself. Head to Oats Studios’ Youtube or Steam and watch the shorts. There are 3 currently that you can purchase the assets for, however there is much more content from Oats available to stream (my personal favorite is “Rakka”). Download the software and desired assets and get ready to create. Mr. Blomkamp thanks you for your contribution.

Watch the Oats Studio Teaser Trailer

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