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Visualize Your Dream Home With Belgard Design Studio

Put simply: The Belgard Design Studio is an amazing piece of technology. Created to provide architectural pre-visualization to Belgard’s customers using VR headsets, this product is truly innovative. Imagine getting a glimpse of your finished backyard project before you even begin! In this transportive video, we bring that concept to life.

We shot with a DJI Inspire 2 drone and the Canon C200, and worked closely with the Design Studio team to seamlessly blend the live-action footage with actual VR environments the software created. So, it might look too good to be true, but what you see here really is the real deal Belgard Design Studio experience. Even down to recreating camera moves to match what we shot on-site. This is a mesmerizing tribute to the capabilities of virtual reality.

But that sort of thing takes some serious know-how! To bring it together, we conducted a veritable orchestra of software, including Syntheyes, After Effects, Maya, Premiere, Protools, and Photoshop. Belgard aren’t the only ones with eye-opening tech, after all!

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