CDC – Folate Microbiological Assay Training Video: Part 2

A training video that truly makes a difference worldwide

The Center for Disease Control is vital to the well-being of the world at large. As an agency, the good people at the CDC fight every day to keep disease at bay, both at home and abroad. However, defending the world against illness of all shapes and sizes is tough, and sometimes it requires help.

Which is where we come in.

This video is part of training video series that highlights how to properly perform a folate microbiological assay. While laymen such as ourselves might not know what that means, public health professionals around the world sure do. This test is instrumental in measuring the folate levels in pregnant mothers, and can help prevent birth defects in unborn children. In short: it’s very important.

Shot on location at a CDC test lab, this video’s pre-production took almost as much precision as the test itself. Using 3 separate cameras, we captured the procedure from just about every angle possible. Some later post-production wizardry using After-Effects helped simplify the complex nature of the test, making it more digestible for audiences.

Client: Center for Disease Control | Profile: Training Video / Corporate Video




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