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Wherever You Go, CHOA Wants You To Know About Water Safety

Our good friends at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – or Children’s, for short – are the go to source for all things childhood health, safety, & wellness. But wellness extends far further than the doctor’s office and the kitchen, it’s important to keep in mind whenever your kiddo is around water.

As we raced towards water safety awareness month (that’s May, for those who don’t know), Children’s wanted to make a splash with an impactful commercial. Something engaging, heartfelt, and that underscores how heart-stoppingly terrifying it is to see your child in danger around water.

Enter: us!

Floating Ideas, & Staying the Course

Children’s came to us with the top-level ask and tasked us with providing an all-encompassing solution. While we initially took a different approach (there’s still some quality lifeguard-centric ideas laying on the proverbial cutting room floor), we landed on a vignette-focused style that gave us the space to explore some key moments where water safety is paramount. After writing the script, drafting up some amazing storyboards, and locking in an amazing cast, it was time to dive in the deep end!

From a production standpoint, the biggest challenge for this project was simply matching the shots the way that Director Jordan Nowlin envisioned. Roughly matching the composition between each of the transition shots served as the syntax of the commercial’s visual language, showcasing how each scenario is equally dangerous for kids. Luckily, two of our amazing Directors of Photography – Trey Gregory & Haley Fusia – tag-teamed this project and not only succeeded in bringing Jordan’s vision to life, they brought their own unique empathetic spin to each shot, as well.

Once we wrapped 2 super successful days of shooting, it was into the editing booth, where editor Kelsey Cherney masterfully worked her magic. Though she didn’t always have exactly the best moments to work with (working with babies is tough, y’all), she pulled the absolute best out of each take and put together an awesome commercial that won’t soon be forgotten by parents and kids alike across the state.




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