American College of Rheumatology | Choose Rheumatology Animation

Choose Rheumatology Animation Video by ECG Productions in Atlanta, Georgia

Video is an amazing tool. It allows us to communicate a large amount of information in a fairly quick and easy-to-understand way. Information retention is frequently high on the list of goals for our clients, and in many cases the best way to create effective, informative, entertaining content while staying on budget is to employ digital animation. By going to the animation route you immediately free yourselves from budgetary constraints like travel and weather (as well as more big picture limiters like gravity & physics). In the case of the “Choose Rheumatology” project this was just the sort of freedom we needed to get the job done.

animated slueth rheumatologist

This project was a great opportunity for the ECG animation team to push themselves. Working with a combination of 3D and 2D elements has its challenges, but Chad Cox was able to blend them seamlessly into a clean and attractive video via his mastery of Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, and Adobe After Effects. Combining 2D & 3D animation styles allowed Chad to infuse the characters with a greater range of expressions, while still keeping the visuals stylistically coherent.

animated doctor choosing specialty

The major success of this piece comes from the visually stunning visuals that never once compromise the integrity of the information that is being communicated. It’s important when creating a video like this one that it looks good, but equally important that the visuals not distract the viewer from the message that needs to be conveyed.

Client: American College of Rheumatology | Profile: Corporate




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