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Del Frisco’s Restaurant Video Production, by ECG Productions headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia

It’s no secret: ECG loves food. This time out the opening of the beautiful new Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse location brought our team to Orlando, Florida to capture the festivities. The team rolled out with two Sony FS7s, an A7S, an Inspire 1 drone, and a plan to get some Bravo-style event footage of the grand opening VIP party. Del Frisco’s pulled out all the stops, with a stunning buffet spread so guests could sample all the varied dishes on the menu. We could have spent the whole day just filming the buffet with all the gorgeous, mouth watering items on display. One of the greatest things about Del Frisco’s is the modern architecture of the room itself. All of the thoughtful interior design choices they’ve made really make for a great dining (and filming) experience.

plated shrimp with drizzle

The purpose of this video is to allow potential trainers a view of what the process of opening a new location looks like, so there are plenty of shots of the bar staff, waitstaff, and kitchen staff showing off their newly learned skills. Having a drone really helped us to capture the beauty of the exterior of the building and gave us a way to snag some stunning establishing shots we just wouldn’t have been able to get from the ground.

Feed TV dessert bar

Client: Del Frisco’s Grille| Profile: Training/Corporate




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