FOX Sports | Florida Panthers – 2019 Logo Animation

The Florida Panther’s 2019 logo animation

New year, new Florida Panther

We here at ECG are no strangers to the ferocious, tenacious Florida Panther! For the second year in a row, our friends at FOX Sports looked to us to animate the logo for the renowned NHL team. And while last year’s model was great, we knew we needed to up the ante this time around.

Luckily we have David Hixon and his amazing 3D animation talents at our disposal. Without him none of this cool spot would have been possible! First, we worked some character rigging magic, making sure every joint and muscle of the panther was expertly aligned. Then, we went to work texturing this fearsome feline with realistic hairs, whiskers, and even light-reflective eyes. Finally, we brought it all together: bringing the panther pouncing out of the shadows and ready to take down its prey!

The end result is a sleek 3D animation that’s as fierce as the team it represents.

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