Georgia GOAL Scholarship | 2023 Scholarship Impact

Expanding Access to Better Education Is The GOAL In This Scholarship Program Overview 

Georgia GOAL Scholarship | One of the things we hold dear here at ECG is education. Whether it’s continuing to educate ourselves on the latest and greatest in the industry or finding ways to help promote and expand access to learning of any kind, we go above and beyond for education.

It’s no surprise then that when the Georgia GOAL Scholarship program reached out to us to craft a program overview video, you would’ve thought we were back in elementary school P.E. with how hard we were jumping, skipping, running for joy at the opportunity!

GA GOAL Scholarship’s VP of Operations, Ben Saylor (a friend of ECG’s since his days at RaceTrac), gave us a straightforward directive: showcase the breadth and depth of impact that the program has had on the lives of students across the state using footage they’d collected from participating schools.

The challenge? They needed it fast. Like in a week fast.

Luckily, we weren’t tuckered out from all the aforementioned jumping, skipping, and running for joy. In fact, we had plenty of energy that we channeled into making this video the absolute best it could be!

Going (school) yard

The moment we had all of the source footage collected, the project’s editor –  our Associate Creative Director, Cameron Shaw – got to work.

“The edit itself was pretty straightforward, especially since [Georgia GOAL Scholarship] sourced so much great footage for us,” Cameron reflects. “It’s always cool to see real life firsthand accounts of stories like this where people are so readily sincere with their appreciation.”

Cameron got the video assembled, pulled his selects, and started crafting the video proper. But he’ll be the first to admit that there was an integral piece of the puzzle that was out of his hands.

“The use of motion graphics and animation was integral to this video. We needed it to set the tone and tie everything together, so kudos to Seth for doing such an amazing job on such a tight turnaround.”

Enter: Seth Johnson, ECG’s Director of Animation, who was the mastermind behind all the graphics for this video. Not only is Seth an animation expert, he has a personal connection to the Georgia GOAL Scholarshi’s mission.

“I was just like the kids that [the Georgia GOAL Scholarship] helps. Growing up, I started at a school that just wasn’t right for me. I was lucky enough to have amazing grandparents who were able to send me to private school where I really grew and ultimately excelled, but I know not everyone is that fortunate. Helping tell these kids’ stories – and knowing that by amplifying them I could be helping more kids like them – was incredibly rewarding”

Seth’s goal (lol) with the motion graphics was twofold: first, he wanted to unify all the assets on hand to match the GOAL Scholarship’s brand tone – a standard practice; second, he wanted to strike a balance that felt equal parts fun and informative.
“It was important to me that people who see this know that what the Georgia GOAL Scholarship is doing is both important but more importantly it’s also fun. The vibrance and excitement that they foster in kids is showcased by the vibrance and excitement in this video!”

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