Home Diagnosis | Ep. 4 – New York, NY

The Home Diagnosis team brings space age science to the historic Wyckoff House in New York. This is a Georgia Public Television home improvement program at it’s informative best!

The power couple of Grace and Corbett Lundsford travelled the country in their tiny home, one of the most technologically advanced houses in the world. This stop, in which they visited the oldest home in New York State, is one of our favorites. The Wyckoff House holds centuries of history in its walls! Exploring the evolution of home improvement from inception to present is a fascinating ride.

Like every episode of Home Diagnosis, we supplemented the footage from the original shoot with interviews with our hosts, shot right here in Atlanta. However, seamlessly blending the pieces of the episodes together was a challenge for the ECG writing team. Dual writer/editor Cameron Shaw was primary editor on this episode, and worked on assemblies for the rest. After reviewing all the footage, he was uniquely positioned to craft the structure of each episode. His discerning eye determined where we needed to fill in the gaps in the footage to achieve cohesive episodes. 

Not to be overlooked, though, are the awesome custom graphics Lead Animator, Trey Gregory provided for each of the six episodes. With a combination of 3D titles and 2D explanations of complex scientific concepts and equipment, his contributions were essential to the show’s success.

Whether you’re a fan of history or a fan of home improvement, this episode has something for everyone. Creating it was truly fun, and that’s what makes it a near perfect execution of the Home Diagnosis concept! 




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