Kaizen Analytix | Get the Kaizen Price – Animated Explainer

Kaizen Price is a innovative pricing solution that helps you make better pricing decisions.

Get the right price. Get the Kaizen Price.

Making animated explainers of any kind is always fun for us. But when we get to make an animated explainer for a company who specializes in helping places like theme parks and arcades… well, let’s just say we knew right off the bat how thrilling this one would be!

The challenge was simple enough: tell the story of Kaizen Price, a pricing solution that optimizes pricing for entertainment parks. However, we didn’t want any ol’ kind of animation. No, we wanted an animation style that matched the fun, exciting atmosphere of the companies that Kaizen Price services! We started by drafting up a few style samples for the end client, Kaizen Analytix. Eventually we landed on a simplistic, basic cartoony style that really matched form and function!

What’s more, this project was a true script to screen endeavor for us. One of our on-staff writers, Jordan, led the charge on the script. Our animation team worked through every phase of the video’s creation. And it’s the voice of our own Kelsey Cherney you hear guiding us through the video!

All in all, this was a super fun project we made with love for a client who helps foster fun times the world over!

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