Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are graphical elements inside a video that, like the name suggests, have motion applied to them. These projects also come from our amazing Animation Department, but we’ve made so many awesome projects involving motion graphics that we thought we should dedicate a whole section of our portfolio to them. Just like most animation tools, these can inject striking visual elements and pure entertainment into any project. We recommend them to any of our clients who want their videos to stand out and really engage.

Motion Graphics Portfolio

MoistureShield composite decking from the Vantage Collection

MoistureShield | Vantage Collection

Pulling together a product video can require multiple locations and perfectly-timed shots, but it’s worth it when the finished video looks like this one.

ECG Productions - Show Reel 2018

ECG Productions | 2018 Show Reel

ECG Productions is proud of the work we’ve done, and from live action to every kind of animation, this show reel demonstrates just what we’re capable of. Check it out!

Aflac | One-Day Pay Animation

This explainer video was one of seven we produced for Aflac about studying insurance trends. The simple 2D animation makes even a dense topic easy to understand!