MoistureShield | Elevate Your Deck – Product Video

We take decking product videos to a new level with this promo for MoistureShield’s Elevate Collection

Our good friends at MoistureShield have repeatedly turned to us for help with their product videos, commercials, and more. However, this spot presented a totally different challenge: showcase their Elevate collection through the story of an actual deck build. This was a shoot that took patience and persistence. But ultimately it worked out well for Trey Gregory, who not only ran this project in a vacuum but who also was the benefactor of said deck!

Working in conjunction with the contractor, Trey shot this product video over the course of the build’s 6 week run. Shot almost entirely during “golden hour,” Trey utilized the beautiful natural light in his backyard to give the spot a warm, welcoming feel. Capitalizing on that look, Trey flew our Mavic Pro drone to achieve the high angle wide shots, then supplemented with our Ursa Mini Pro for the close ups on the Elevate collection composite boards themselves. The trick, of course, was to get tons of coverage during every phase of construction. John’s voiceover was tailored to underscore the Elevate collection’s benefits, and we needed just the right footage to match. Luckily, that wasn’t a problem for a seasoned DP like Trey!

Once the deck was finished and the footage compiled, Trey dove into the editing bay and got to work. As the producer, DP, and director of the entire production, Trey knew everything like the back of his hand. In short, the edit was a swift, seamless process that delivered a great product showcase for the brand. What’s more, Trey busted out his great animation skills and included some simple (yet elegant) graphics and a neat water effect to close out the spot. 




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