MoistureShield | Infuse Collection – Product Video

We shot this as part of a series on MoistureShield’s dreamy decking. The picturesque shots and 3D text graphics go together like a fishing trip and sunset in the mountains!

MoistureShield’s Infusion Collection comes in a variety of shades, and their scientific approach makes it a truly unique product. But, of course, the stellar properties of the composite deck are only half the message. This commercial had two goals. First, convey the superior technology of the product. Second, highlight both the natural beauty of a quality and the myriad ways to enjoy it.

Our three person crew shot on location in Alabama, using a combination of drone footage from our DJI Phantom and our Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro. We mounted the latter to a Freefly Movi, then mounted that onto a Freefly Tero. The rig resembles a remote control car, but with an incredible amount of shock absorption for the camera. The result? Shots so smooth you want to sip them with your feet up in an Adirondack chair. 

That smoothness was essential for what came next. We tracked 3D text onto the composite decking, including the long, leisurely shadows from the setting sun. Integrating graphics into the footage, serves a key purpose: to keep viewers immersed in the world of lakeside luxury even as they take in information. To bring it home, Colorist Jenn Lee created several unique looks for the spot. We’re not just talking warm summer vibes of the lake! From heated red to cool blue; from changing the hue of individual planks to display the array of color options available with MoistureShield (you thought that was practical, didn’t you?).

This commercial is a rare example of remarkable technology and tension relief working in harmony. It’s as relaxing as it is impressive, and that’s why we love it!




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