National Vision | 2018 Year End Video

NVI celebrates their biggest financial year ever by highlighting the people that make their business successful.

To say 2018 was an important year for National Vision would be an understatement. It was monumental; their first as a publicly traded company. But, in working with them to put their annual year-end video together, they made their focus clear. It’s all about the relationships doctors and salespeople have with patients and customers. It’s more than just business.

So, we visited for different cities during 4 four days of shooting, Canon C200 and Sony A7Sii in hand, exploring those special bonds. It was clear to ace editor, Emily Payton (who also DP’ed the shoots!), that personal stories and the genuine affection between the folks who run the stores, and those who come through the doors, are the soul of this video. Those things are way more impactful than any numbers we could’ve thrown on screen.

A company with a story to tell, and a production team who understands their message is always a winning combination. In fact, National Vision was so happy, we were able to turn this one around in just a week, then grade it, mix it, and sent it on it’s merry way. All in time for the holidays!

Client: National Vision | Profile: Corporate Video




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