In this section, you’ll find opinion pieces by our team. We discuss the production industry and simple preferences. Some popular blogs in this category include Why Most of the Things Your Kids Watch Suck, and Why I love Taylor Sheridan.  So buckle up and get to know our team by hearing all about their opinions.

A group pointing off screen after finishing a dance.

In Defense of Bad Taste

Movies fall into good and bad categories, but you that doesn’t mean you have to stay loyal to just one side. Here, we defend why watching bad movies is fun.

Lego Movie - A lego man construction worker and a lego woman archer share a moment.

Top 10 Non-Disney Animated Films

Animation and Disney belong together, but they’re not the only player in the game. Check out this list of 10 animated, non-Disney films you should watch.

Coco vs The Book of Life poster, a comparison by animator David Hixon.

Coco vs The Book of Life

Where do you stand on the debate between Coco and The Book of Life? Do you have to pick side when two similar movies come out? We kind of did.

Kevin Spacey in a black suit and tie

The Curious Case of Kevin Spacey

His behavior was rightfully condemned, but his apology was rejected too. Do you agree with our assessment of the curious case of Kevin Spacey?

A man sits at a table writing an open letter to "Hollywood" about the latest sexual harassment scandals.

An Open Letter to “Hollywood”

As Hollywood heavy-hitters take the fall for their bad behavior, one qualified, and decent, showrunner asks that you look beyond the LA bubble for new hires.

A television sits in the middle of a neighborhood street.

Please… Not Another Season!

Can you think of a TV show that wore out its welcome before it ended? What starts off good quickly goes bad when there’s one too many seasons, and here’s why.